Sunday, February 17, 2008

BI Accelerator by BusinessObjects


Your business intelligence (BI) initiative is more than software and hardware; it’s a combination of people, machines, business processes, organizations, cultures, and ideas tied to the goals set forth by your overall business strategy. We understand that success with our software requires a coordinated set of capabilities synchronized toward a common set of goals.

To help our customers succeed with their BI initiatives, we have invested heavily in the development of a comprehensive approach toward BI deployments: The BI Solution Accelerator.

This methodology integrates technical and strategic consulting, life cycle learning,
and post implementation support to provide the most robust BI deployment strategy in the industry.


Based on over 15 years of experience delivering enterprise-scale BI solutions for our customers, our engagement model is based on five critical phases of deployment:

  • Scope,
  • Design,
  • Build,
  • Deploy,
  • Evolve.
  • Each phase focuses on achieving key milestones and producing key deliverables that progress the overall system towards completion in a controlled and disciplined way. We understand the risks inherent in enterprise software development, and build risk mitigation
    strategies into our best practices and project plans from the very beginning. We continuously evaluate and improve our library of repeatable best practices to represent the state-of-the-art
    in BI systems delivery.



    Business Objects Education Services recognizes the importance of education throughout the entire lifecycle of an implementation. As an integrated part of the BI Solution Accelerator, our education specialists develop a comprehensive Training Development Plan that identifies all of the constituents of the BI implementation and determines a specific learning curriculum for each community. The Training Development Plan is customized to your organizational needs,
    and draws from existing instructor led courses and computer based training, as well as custom developed course curriculum that educates users on the specific requirements and business processes that drive your BI deployment.

    Learning is phased throughout the lifecycle of the deployment, beginning with project team education to ensure the developers are trained on the right technology and that end users who
    are involved in requirements definition understand the product capabilities. As the system nears completion, all end users will receive the appropriate training for their role and a wide
    range of ongoing job support is provided to ensure that learning doesn’t end once the users leave the classroom.


    The Business Objects library of repeatable best practices contains the processes, tools, and techniques that ensure quality delivery of capabilities across the BI Success Model, our
    conceptual model of the critical capabilities that drive BI success.
    The iterative approach ensures rapid delivery of functionality and
    provides the best environment to facilitate knowledge transfer to
    your team.

    Each phase of delivery is tightly managed and controlled,following Project Management Institute (PMI) standards, to
    ensure you receive the highest quality implementation in the
    most efficient manner.


    Your success is built on the success of all customers served. Every project is driven by your business goals and we’re focused on providing you with the capabilities you require to meet your business objectives. This approach is designed to maximize your success with our software, minimize the time required to realize value, and mentor your teams to the point of self-sufficiency. Your obsession with quality is evident in everything you do, and you need a partner with a disciplined and proven approach combined with a strong focus on knowledge transfer to
    ensure that your teams quickly learn the critical skills required to drive the continued success and growth of your BI initiative.
    Ask your Business Objects representative to show you how this approach has driven successful BI for thousands of clients.


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